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From a viewer's perspective: 'The Voice of Nepal'
29 August 2018-Wednesday

The title score of the voice undoubtedly indicates something good on its way. However, the omission of Birjung’s name tag within the first 20 seconds is likely to question the first phase preparations. Nonetheless, kudos to the technical team for a flawless presentation of the stage lighting, and sound output. Additionally, the coaches’ star-studded rendition of Deep Shreshta’s original Biteka Kura – after yet another lengthy intro segment – makes it evident that the show serious business.

Before we begin with the plausible aspects of the show, let’s look at some more points that have spaces for improvement. Yes, the producers have ensured seamless sound output, but the pre-recorded applauses, and off timing claps, likely inserted in the post-production, are plain humorous. It’s almost like the executives underestimated the standard of the viewers. Also, the preference that’s given to the off-the-stage segments, which consists of participant’s stories and long backstage interviews shows that the producers are keen on prioritizing the glimmer and glamour over sheer music.

Now, the judges: it obvious that the judges aren’t quite in tune, yet. While Abhaya’s energy appears to be having a sugar rush every time, Deep Shrestha’s mellow persona indicates his inability to match up with the energy of his younger counterparts. The uniformity that lacks in energy is the biggest drawback of the coaches, but it’s necessary to consider that the buzzer hitters are musicians, not actors.

There’s no doubt that the initiative is a praiseworthy one. It not only ensures a full hour of entertainment but also provides the Nepali singing talent a national platform to perform in. Furthermore, there’s no doubt in the coaches ability and musical proficiency. One can only expect the tonal and technical qualities of the selected contestants to enhance over the coming episodes, courtesy of the guidance provided by their respective coaches.

Now that we’re done with the second episode, which has shown signs of improvement from the first, we can expect the producers, and crew members to get close to perfection with every episode. We have our picks, based on the first two episodes, that will most likely go down into the history books as Nepal’s first Voice winner, and take home the benefits that come along with it.

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